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What is a Real Estate Investor in Columbia, SC?

What is a Real Estate Investor in Columbia, SC? Hint... We Buy Houses with Cash! 803-592-2353
Video Transcript Below:

Andrew Lucas:
Hey guys, this is Andrew from Columbia Cash Home Buyers, and I want to talk to you about a question that we get all the time. People like to ask us, “What is a real estate investor.” Well that is a tough question to answer in that big picture, because there’s lots of different ways to invest in real estate, but the way I want to talk about it today is how it might affect you as a seller, selling your property to a real estate investor like myself or my wife, holding right now. So we are real estate investors local in Columbia from South Carolina. We buy all over the state and Columbia Cash Home Buyers, we’re a real estate investing company. So what that means for you is that we actually buy houses that other people may not buy. It might be really hard to sell this house or property in traditional means.

But us, as real estate investors, we have a lot of different resources that we can provide and bring to that property so that we can bring the value up. So we like to call ourselves community redevelopers, because we take properties and communities that need a little bit of love and we will transform them into something beautiful and more valuable. And the way we do that is we repair houses, we might even tear houses down if they’re really, really bad and build new. We might do something with land, but in the end we end up fixing things, renting them out, or selling them. So that’s kind of the basis of what a real estate investor is to a seller. So that’s how Columbia Cash Home Buyers helps you as a seller.

And the best part about it is we do it super fast. So we can close within 10 days, and we could do that local here in Columbia or with mobile notaries and attorneys that can get it to wherever you are. So if you’re interested in selling a house and you’re thinking a real estate investor might be the way to go, give us a call, click the link below, call the phone number below. We can help you with any property in South Carolina that you think would go great for real estate investor. So I hope that helps. If you have any other questions of other real estate investors or what it means to be a real estate investor, ask us, feel free to send me an email or comment below, and we would love to help you out. So Columbia Cash Home Buyers, we’re here to help. Look forward to talking to you soon.

We’re local cash home buyers and have lived in South Carolina and the Columbia area our entire lives. Our desire is to help you solve your housing problems and provide a win-win solution that we’re both happy with. If you’re facing foreclosure, or in the process of foreclosure, we may be able to help. We can buy your house fast, with cash, in order to prevent foreclosure proceedings and help you get out quickly. We’ve done it for many homeowners in the past, and we may be able to help you as well! Or, maybe you’re looking to get rid of a burdensome property or a house you inherited that you don’t want the hassle of listing on the market. In that case, we can buy your home totally as-is, so you won’t have to make repairs, or move anything out. You can take what you want, leave behind what you don’t, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We pay fair cash offers for your home, so if you’re looking to get rid of your home as fast as possible, give us a call! 803-592-2353

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