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Why selling to an Investor may be the best to sell your property today. 803-592-2353. We buy Houses

Why selling to an Investor may be best to sell SC your property today. 803-592-2353. We buy Houses

Hey, y’all. It’s Andrew from Columbia Cash Home Buyers. And I get a similar question from a lot of people that call in to our office… “Why should we sell our house to you as opposed to putting it on the market in the traditional means of selling a house that we all know about?” I’m not against putting houses on the market. Obviously, we do that. We will take houses like this one and turn it around and put it on the market. But there are certain houses that don’t actually work well on the market. This would be one of them. As you can see behind me, in this kitchen, it’s outdated and it’s full of stuff. And I walk this way, you can see some more of the house. You can come this way. And you see this room behind me is full of stuff and the carpet’s green. So a lot of things need to happen to this house before it can really sell in the market.

So we take houses like this and we can close on them fast. So that’s another thing that we can help you with is closing on your timeline. So if you were to put it on the market or try to sell the traditional way, you’re kind of at the mercy of whoever that buyer is. For us, we can buy it. We can sign today and either close in seven days, or we can close in seven weeks, or even seven months. So we can work with you in what’s best for your timeline. This property here actually was about seven weeks, because they wanted to move some of their things out of this house that they actually wanted to keep. So we can do that.

We can also work with issues. If you have tax liens or property liens, or it’s in probate. These are things that are difficult to actually work through when you try to sell traditional ways. But us and our team and our group, with our attorneys, we can make that happen and we can make it really easy for you. We really make it kind of a one-stop shop. So we can get you in touch with the right people to get the house sold. And so you can move on with your life.

Another thing might be if the house is occupied. So houses that are occupied with tenants that may or may not be paying rent. So that’s a little bit difficult to go the traditional route. So we can help with that. We deal with a lot of tenants. We can work with tenants, helping them move out if they need to, or keeping them in place.

So those are just a couple of reasons where it might be best for you to sell to someone like us, an investor here locally in Columbia, as opposed to going the traditional route. Now, doesn’t work for everybody. But if you think it works for you and you’re even thinking about selling your house right now, then give us a call. Call us right below. We have a phone number down low, the website below. I’ll tell you my favorite number is the 803-866-CASH. If you’ll call that number, you’ll get right to us. Look forward to talking to you soon. Thank you. And this is Andrew. Bye.
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