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Sell Your House Fast for Cash in Aiken, SC

Sell Your House Fast In Aiken, SC

We buy houses in Aiken. Yes! In Less Than 30 Days, You Can Sell Your House Fast for Cash.

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Hi, We’re Columbia Cash Home Buyers, LLC

And We Buy Houses in Your Area, Aiken. If You’re Stuck With a Problem Property, We Can Help. Check How Our Local Team Helps Homeowners in Aiken.

When facing financial hardship and struggling with the idea of listing your home, we can make this stressful time easier for you because we buy houses in any condition in any location. Don’t wait – call us now to see what we can offer you.

Watch Video about Selling During a Pandemic:

We Buy Houses... even during a pandemic.  Call 803-592-2353 to talk to us Today.
Yes, we will still buy your home during Coronavirus! Call us for more info.


“So, How Is It Like to Sell My House Fast in Aiken?”

You read, “we buy houses in Aiken“. You can sell your house fast in just 30-days. It’s all easy and free. But how? What’s the process? How do I sell my house fast in Aiken? Do you pay reasonable prices?

We hear your concerns and we’ll address your questions through this page. Bear with us for a little while.

Sell Your House Fast in 4 Simple Steps

Selling your home to us is simple:

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. We’ll schedule a time to come inspect your home, meet you, and make sure it’s a good fit for both of us.
  3. If it’s a win-win, we’ll make a cash offer in 24 hours. You can take the time you need to think over and decide if it’s right for you.
  4. If you take it, we’ll close as quickly as possible, or whenever works for you!

To learn more about the process, please click here.

We Buy Houses in Any Situation

You’re working hard, but your mortgage payments seem to multiply every month. Discouraged on how long it will take to sell your house? You need an ally, one that can buy your home fast and for a great price. 

We buy houses in Aiken, SC for a fair cash price. Our team can help sell your home for a fair price within a few days only. 

Columbia Cash Home Buyers Intro

We Buy Houses in Any Condition

Whether you’re facing overwhelming property repairs or just don’t have the time to deal with the upkeep, we can help. We buy homes from owners who would rather not deal with real estate agents and property inspections. Our company offers guaranteed settlements within 30 days of contract signing.

If you need a fast, hassle-free property sale, we’re here to help. We pay cash for houses no matter their condition.

Sell a condemned house.

How We Are Different Than Aiken Realtors?

Listing with an agent is the most common option out there, and it works for many people. Probably other people have the time and the patience to deal with repairs, negotiations, and delays that are often a part of the conventional process. But if you’re like us, you don’t like delays. You don’t like to wait without reason. You have a life of your own, and you don’t want to deal with repairs and uninterested buyers when you’re planning your next move. You are planning to move out. Maybe you want to move out of state, or you’re moving to a different phase of life. Whatever is the situation, listing may or may not be your best choice. 

We suggest that you take a second look at your options. Do you have other options than listing your home? The chances are that you do. Here at Columbia Cash Home Buyers, LLC, we offer a new way of selling your home for a fair cash price. What can be better than receiving cash for your home in just a few days? And you won’t have to worry about repairs, commissions, closing costs, and delays? 

When you work with us, you don’t pay any commissions. You can leave your home in as-is condition—no need to clean any part of the house because we’ll take care of the clutter. And as a part of our process, we’ll cover the closing costs as well. 

  • No high realtor commissions
  • A fair cash offer within 24 hours
  • Close on your timeline
  • No need to repair or clean

If you need to sell your house fast and get a cash offer, reach out to us today.

Check out the Video to see How Fast is Fast

How Fast can I Close with an Investor in Columbia,  SC? Sell my house fast! Sell my Lexington home.

Do You Pay Reasonable Prices?

Your home is your asset. We understand you’re concerned about the pricing. You want to know if we’ll pay a fair price for your home. 

First of all, we’re ethical buyers in Aiken. At any cost, we’re not willing to lower our standards. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution, so that the home price will vary based on the location, repairs required, and the structure. We don’t use a specific formula to calculate the price of your home. Instead, we’ll take our time to visit your home. We’ll gather data to understand the current prices in your neighborhood. Our team will consider the condition of your home to see which repairs are required. That’ll give us an idea of the costs involved, and we can provide you a cash offer. 

Furthermore, we’re direct buyers. That means we’re not relying on banks, agents, or 3rd party inspectors. We’re working with you directly, which results in both savings of time and money. We can save money, and we can give you a better cash price. 

Our offers are guaranteed, and we can close on the date of your choice. And there is never any obligation to accept the numbers we give you. You can take the offer, ponder upon it and see if it’s the best fit for your situation. If not, no hard feelings. We’ll be happy that you gave us a try. If you want to proceed further, great. We’ll start our process to buy your home on your timeline. 

We’re Ready to Buy Your Home in Aiken

We buy houses in Aiken, SC, including Richland, Lexington, and Kershaw Counties. Keep in mind, when you sell to us, you won’t be listing on the market – we’ll pay cash and buy your home directly from you.

There are no fees, no commissions, and we’ll handle the closing costs and paperwork for you. So whether you want to avoid foreclosure, move fast for a new job, get rid of bad renters, or sell an inherited property the easiest way possible, we can help.

Bottom line- if you’re looking to sell your house fast, then reach out to us today!

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

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Or Give Us A Call Now At: 803-592-2353

When selling a home, it’s the details that matter most. Time, attention, and quality service are our top priorities. We offer experience, expertise, and dedication to homeowners in Aiken. Expect a smooth selling experience as you contact Columbia Cash Home Buyers, LLC. Our team will respond within 24 hours to address your questions and concerns. And we will protect your privacy. Your information is never shared with 3rd parties or any other person. You can talk to someone in our office before submitting your information 803-592-2353


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Selling a House during Corona Virus, Covid-19 or any Pandemic.
Things are different with this Pandemic, but we are still buying houses.

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