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Can you sell a house during the Pandemic?

Cash house buyers in Columbia, SC.  Can you sell a house during a pandemic?
Video Transcription

Michelle: Hey y’all, this is Michelle and-

Reynold: I am Reynold.

Michelle: We are with Columbia Cash Home Buyers here in Columbia, South Carolina, and just wanted to reach out to you guys to remind you that we are still buying houses even in the midst of this crazy pandemic. We are looking for houses that are … What kind of houses are we looking for, Reynold?

Reynold: Dirty, nasty, muddy, gross.

Michelle: Vacant?

Reynold: Yeah.

Michelle: Yeah. Whatever the condition, we are looking for houses and we can even do it virtually. If there’s somebody living in the house, we can do a video conference call with somebody just to check out a house or if it’s empty, we’d be happy to go by and check it out and make a fair all cash offer. If you’ve got something that you’re ready to get rid of, give us a call.

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