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Still buying houses, Columbia Cash Home Buyers are here to help!

Still Buying Houses, Columbia Cash Home Buyers is still here to help
Video Transcription

Andrew: Hey guys, this is Andrew from Columbia Cash Homebuyers, and I am wearing my green. It is St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th and I just wanted to give this update to let you know we are still working. We are still able to help if you need to sell a house. I’m actually on my way to an appointment right now so we’re still working. I know this coronavirus thing is crazy. Who’d ever thought that this would do this kind of damage and make everyone change their whole world around for a virus? This is wild, but just to let you know, we’re still out there. We’re still working. If you need something, if you, if you have a problem that’s in real estate related or if you have a problem that you have a piece of real estate that can help you solve that problem, whether it’s cashing out on something you’re not using, we could still help.

We are still available. We still have funds available to close on properties. The banks are open, the attorney’s office is still working. Courthouse is still going. Everything’s still okay for us to purchase your house quick and easy if that’s something that would help you out. So give us a call. Of course, the phone number is down below and above, I think. And you can fill out the form on this website. Go to our Facebook page or just text the phone number or call the phone number. So reach out to us. And again, we’re working every day. Yeah, my kids are at home. We have three kids at home and my wife’s got him on a walk right now and I’m going out to do an appointment. So we’re making do just like everyone else, but we’re here for you if you need help. All right. Columbia Cash Homebuyers. Let us know. Thanks.

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