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Inherited a Home?  Need to Sell an Inherited House in SC?

 Working through the process of inheritance can be a confusing and emotional time.  We have been through many situations with sellers and our own family.  Many times we see multiple family members taking ownership and even non-family.  The difficulty is compounded when the new owners may be out of town.  Sometimes it feels easier to just leave the house vacant until the time is “right” to make a decision.  However, leaving the house to sit vacant allows for crime, deterioration, and loss of valuable equity.
You want to make sure it’s dealt with very efficiently, because if you’re not efficient with your decisions you have costs accruing on the home – property taxes, insurance, a mortgage, homeowners’ association fees. All of these things add up so the time to evaluate the property is now.  We specialize in creative Real Estate solutions to purchase homes quickly.  Columbia Cash Home Buyers understands your situation and has the experience to help.
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Take a look at our 3 – Step process for Selling an Inherited Home in SC.

 1. Establish the Heirs  

Confirm who has rights to the property.  First, you need to identify the heir or heirs of the property if you plan to sell an inherited house.

The presence of a Will makes this easier but not always clear cut.  Siblings, children, divorce and marriages all complicate the execution of any Will.  The more complicated the family history is, the more complications that can arise while executing the will.

Columbia Cash Home Buyers will buy properties with many owners, multiple title issues, and even liens.  However, clear title cannot be transferred until all Heir issues, creditors, liens and taxes have been cleared.

This can all be very daunting to an individual or family.  Which is why we work with the best attorneys in South Carolina to clear issues for you.


2. Prepare 

Time to make some tough financial decisions: Do you keep it and move into it? Do you rent it out? Do you sell mom or dad’s house? What happens if it’s in desperate need of repairs? And even if the mortgage is paid off, there’s really no such thing as a “free” house.  You want to make sure it’s dealt with very efficiently, because if you’re not efficient with your decisions you have costs accruing on the home – property taxes, insurance, a mortgage, homeowners’ association fees.

The condition of the house, the neighborhood, and your personal desires will determine if the property should be sold, occupied or rented.  We are here to provide our feedback from our market experience.  Give us a call and we can talk through your options.  803-766-0757

Remember… Talk to your insurance agent!  If this house is vacant then you may need a different policy to cover the higher risk of property damage.


3. Sell This House 

Columbia Cash Home Buyers, LLC buys houses in and around Columbia (and other areas too!).  Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly… or on your schedule. Like we’ve mentioned, when you work with us there are no fees… like there are when you list your house with an agent. What this means to you is you don’t have to worry about extra costs, having to come out of pocket to sell your house fast, or even getting your house ready for a sale (we’ll buy your house as-is).

Don’t worry about repairing or cleaning up your property. We’ll buy your house in as-is condition… no matter how ugly or pretty it is… no matter the location.

Sometimes the open market is the best answer but often times its best to sell to an investor.

What to expect during the sale of an inherited home

If you inherit a house, hopefully the process the process of selling the inherited property will be simple and straightforward; however, as we mentioned above, oftentimes it isn’t. For example, title problems are a common issue that people need assistance with when they sell their house to us.

  • Unknown liens
  • Illegal deeds
  • Missing heirs
  • Undiscovered will
  • Errors in public record
Not only are family members coping with the loss of a loved one, but even in best case scenarios, dealing with the estate left behind only adds to the stress.

Columbia Cash Home buyers are here to help.  Whether you are planning to sell your inherited house or just researching options, call us at 803-766-0757 or fill out the information form.


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